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well, love is something magic with the right person, if you are out there just to find a mate. you wont find it. u need to get to know people and get to know them well before you pick up the right person who is very close to ur idea of the perfect person and remember, there is no such thing as a perfect person. we are all human and we do mistakes but if you believe in you and if you think and believe that everything happens for a reason and that reason is there to serve me. you will find the person. and this wont happen over night and you are right, no one loves the person the first day. it takes time. so people, take time to get to know before you jump and think that is the person for you. well spoken Bella, Love is not fast food


Right love does take time to grow and get to know the other person. If you think of it like a garden then it makes perfect seance. You don't plant the seeds and expect flowers the next day, no you have to water it every day and then you have pull the weed so they don't kill your delicate new plants that were just put into the ground. But with continued care it will work out. Yes sometimes you may pull a flower thinking it was a weed or get to busy and forget to water. I think of the garden I planted this year, it did not grow for years but this year I put in rocks for support, who knew all it needed was a strong base. Somehow soil was not enough to for the flowers they needed big strong rocks to hold them up, now I can grow whatever flowers I want in that garden, even a big tobacco plant one of the hardest to grow, but has some of the most beautiful flowers you have ever smelled. So find the strong base in love and it will work for you just like the flower garden

Luci Weston

@Marc @bella: Excellent points! I also think that for each "wrong" one you meet the path is being cleared for the "right" person to find you.

My grandmother always repeated the cliche, "You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince." She and my grandfather were married 63 years, so she must have finally kissed the right frog.


I love your titles and your spirit keep it up.


I love your titles and spirit keep up the good work.

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I think it's fact that you are not going to like everyone and everyone is not going to like you that is life so be okay with it.

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According to me love is a great feeling.. There is love, care and affection between two people.. It cannot be described in few words.. Every thing around you looks nice when you are in love.. Its difficult to get true love but if you get it finally don't let it down..


They say you can look TOO HARD. I would advise people looking for love to get out on some dates and concentrate on enjoying them. Don't be nervous, don't try too hard and enjoy yourself. Love will happen all by itself!

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I was noticing yesterday how flowery my blog is these days! Funny, considering I'm not really a flowery kind of gal....

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